Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Yes, this blog's name is Glitterisms, so you would definitely expect to find glitters here, don't you? ;-)
Well, yes I love glittersm but when it comes to nail polish, I'm not sure... It looks gorgeous and it lasts a really long time without chipping, but that's kind of the problem. It will literally never chip, and it's a pain to remove! Not only will you spend a lot of time (and nail polish remover) taking it off, you will also damage your nails if you insist too much, because glitters will work as a nail scrub.
Therefore I try to keep Glitters for special occasions only... or until I can't hold myself anymore and need to yield to temptation!

Here is my most recent glitters polish acquisition and I am very proud to say that I bough it in October! Yes yes, almost 6 months of not buying anything glittery (at least for my nails, hehe, what did you think?!). Anyways, here is my little treasure : Pure Ice Cheatin. It is a transparent polish with loads of purple and blue glitters. I love how it looks in the bottle.


Feet are the only part of the body where I don't feel too guilty putting all glitters polish. Here's what it looks like, after 3-4 coats:


On my handsm I applied a coat of the Ice on top of two coats of my super cute Mini Orly Naugty or Nice. I think I almost like it better like this than alone.


Obviously, a couple of weeks later, when it was really time to take off the 100% pure glitters on my toes, the only thing I could do was... using the good ol' tin foil system! (for an explanation on how this works, take a look at Sarah Louise's very good tutorial)

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