Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sea, Sand and Sun Watermarble

For my second Watermarble, I decided to use colors that make me think of Summer...
Pastel colors were trendy last Winter so I stocked up on these shades, and I really love them! They can be combined and create really pretty manicures.

For this manicure, I used :

  • Base and Top Coat : Orly Nail Defense
  • New York Color French White tip #134
  • Confetti Blue glitz #109 ~ a very subtle light baby blue with a hint of darker blue pearly micro glitters
  • Confetti Belle of the Ball #071 ~ a shiny light purple
  • Confetti Margarita Senorita #008 ~ a light yellow... I usually don't like yellow polishes because they make me think of yellowed nails, but this one works fine for marbles and mixes well with other pastels

I started by prepping my nails with my Orly base, and then I applied a layer of White. The reason for that is that when you use light/pastel colors, you usually need to apply more than one layer of the color. If you don't the color will be too light and won't stand out too much. That is especially true with cheap polishes like the Confettis that tend to be very fluid. the problem when making a watermarble is that you can't have multiple layers of a single colors. Hence, the White layer helps "revealing" the colors more easily, without having the natural color of the nail interfering.

I'm usually very sloppy when applying my polish but I'm trying to better myself ;-)

After lots of patience, this is what it looked like in natural light!

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Nailart Addict said...

Ow what a nice marble you did here! Love it. I'm still trying to get a decent marble on my hands.

Ninoushka said...

Thank you so much for your comment! It means a lot! Water marbles are my oldest nail art style so I'm used to it. I think the secret is to waste a lot of polish making tests ;)

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