Monday, April 16, 2012

Chelly #16 Swatch and glittery accent nail

I have done various manicures in the past couple of weeks but I have been too busy to post! Fortunately I now take pictures of all my manis so at least I can post them at a later date.

I went on a mini polish shopping spree a few weeks ago and now I'm trying to try all my new acquisitions ;)

The first one I tried was Chelly Shade #16 (very poetic name, right?). It is an very nice Emerald Green. I was in a rush so I did nothing fancy. I just applied a couple of coats of Jordana Silver Jewel #176 on my ring finger.
I like the result a lot... for some reason I've been totally addicted to green lately!


In the sunlight in my apartment: 

In the Miami exterior sunlight:

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