Monday, April 16, 2012

Neon Orange and Grey + Holo glitters French Manicure

My other favorite color of the season, other than green, is orange. I found a really pretty Neon orange during my last shopping session and decided to use it for my next French Manicure.

Here are the polishes I used, under the careful supervision of Charlie, my recently adopted cat:

Other than my base coat and top coat, I used:
  • Santee Beach Yellow #M57A, a very pretty neon orange (and not yellow!!!). Santee polishes are extremely cheap with a large choice of color, but they're full of toxic components... I guess you can't ask for much with a $2 polish...
  • Confetti Lonsesome Dove #002, a light grey
  • Claire's Disco, a transparent polish with chunky holographic glitters

 I applied one coat of base coat (of course!) and then of the Orange, but I quickly realized that it was super transparent... (eww)


 Therefore I applied a couple of coats of White, then 3 coats of Orange (yes, you counted right, that makes a total of 7 coats so far...). Now that's orange! 


 An then, finally, I applied a coat (maybe 2?) of Grey on the tips using French Manicure stickers and 2 coats of yhe Claire's Holo Glitters polish and Ta-Da! I was super happy of the result! My only problem was that after so many coats, the polish at the base of the nail was super irregular and didn't look as clean as I would have want it to. But well. 



 And with natural sun light: 

 The tip was so thick that it looked like my nails were fake, lol! You really don't want to know how long it took me to take it off 4 days later... But i any case, I think Charlie liked it!

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